Trust That Gut (and Also, Do Things Instead of Waiting for Things to Happen)

Trust That Gut (and Also, Do Things Instead of Waiting for Things to Happen)

A few weeks ago, I applied for an office assistant position with a local talent agency. Their office is located in the city I would love to live in, plus it’s a job in the field I want to get into, so I figured it would be a good opportunity for me.

Then I had that really great film shoot, where I made awesome connections and felt like my PA career was finally moving forward.

When I was offered an interview for the job, I was first, shocked, and second, felt like it might actually now be a step backwards for me. I talked it over with my sister and decided I should do the interview anyway. Something in me told me I should. I figured if nothing else I would make another great connection in the local film industry and when I applied for representation again, they would at least know who I was.

I went and interviewed. I did not get a job, but I did get what may potentially be a really great step forward for me in this career I’m pursuing. (More details on that in blog posts to come.)

If I had just ignored my gut and stayed home instead of interviewing, I would have missed out on that. If I didn’t make an effort each and every day to find acting or PA gigs or work on my scripts or look for publishers for my music books I would never get these awesome opportunities I keep finding. I know that sounds super obvious but that was a huge epiphany for me. These opportunities aren’t going to find me if I sit at home wishing hard enough for them. My books won’t write themselves just because someday I dreamed of seeing my name on a bookstore shelf. I can’t make film industry connections if I sit at home on the weekends instead of driving myself here there and everywhere for film festivals and networking events and film shoots.

Because I have been doing all these things, I’ve started seeing some really awesome results. One of my film connections asked me to act in a short film for him. One of the casting companies I’ve worked with offered me a gig as an extra without me even applying for it. A publishing company I reached out to to see if they accept submissions asked me to send them one of my books and seem really interested in publishing it. Honestly, I’m not even doing that much. I could definitely be working a lot harder at this stuff. But even just a little bit of effort has gotten me opportunities I had only dreamed of before.

So to sum up what I’ve been learning: Ignore your fears, trust your gut, and actually do things to get you closer towards your goals. 🙂

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