When In Doubt, Do It Anyway

When In Doubt, Do It Anyway

Here’s a lesson I keep learning over and over: if there’s something you really want to do but you have doubts, ignore those doubts and do it anyway.

This past weekend I worked as a production assistant on a short film about three hours from where I live. So many awesome things came from this shoot. Awesome things that I nearly missed out on because I almost did not even try to get on this shoot.

I found three different crew calls for this film in two different places. My biggest hesitation was how far the drive would be to help with the shoot. I did not really want to pay for a hotel room and driving six hours each day for however long the shoot would be sounded exhausting. But I kept going back to those crew calls. Something told me to apply, so less than one week before the shoot was scheduled to start I finally did. I got an email back less than an hour later asking me about my experience. I spoke with the director the next night on the phone and learned that he had actually just had a PA back out and needed one. He also had an extra hotel he could put me in. (Mini lesson here: you never know how things are going to work out for you.)

I worked three days on set for this short film. I acted as chauffeur for the main actor and director of photography, so I got to talk to them and get to know them a little bit (which is difficult to do when you’re working on set, so I was thankful for that opportunity). I went on lunch runs and prop runs and handed out bottles of water and helped with whatever the rest of the crew needed. I learned that I’m woefully out of shape and that bug spray really does not work all that well and that I really don’t mind being sweaty and covered in dirt and outside in the hot Oklahoma sun if I’m doing something I love. I met some really awesome people and had so much fun hanging out with and working alongside them.

I gained so much from this one short shoot. I got to work with a more experienced PA and learned more about the position from her. I got more comfortable driving in unfamiliar places and talking to people I don’t know. I made some great connections (here and in LA) and may even have a chance to do a gig with him in LA. 🙂 The director also gave me some tips for moving into the jobs I want on set and gave me a couple names of people I should reach out to who might be able to help me with that. The whole experience felt like such a huge breakthrough for my career. 🙂

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” If you’re letting your doubts hold you back from following your dreams…stop it, lol. Amazing things are waiting for you on the other side of those doubts.


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