Don’t Be Afraid to Tell People What You Want

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell People What You Want

I think I touched on this subject briefly two posts ago, but I was reminded again this week just how important this is.

Brendan Burchard talks about this too in his book “High Performance Habits.” He says (and I am way paraphrasing) to be open and vocal about your goals so others can help you reach them. People don’t know to recommend or help you if they don’t know what it is you want to do.

I always feel kind of ridiculous telling people that I’m an actor or that I want to act. It just sounds like such an out-of-reach thing that no one would seriously pursue. I feel like I’m way too old for such a silly dream.

It wasn’t until I started working on student films and taking acting classes that I realized I should not feel that way. I suddenly found myself surrounded with like-minded individuals. My friends and family are awesome and encouraging, but it is completely different to be around people who have the same goals that you do. It really made me see that yes, people take this career seriously and yes, there are other people a lot like me who are making a living doing the same things I want to do. I realized, for the first time ever, just how within reach this dream actually could be for me.

Anyway, fast forward to January 2019. At the end of my first day as a production assistant, the director asked me what my goals are. I told him I want to act and possibly script supervise, and he told me he could possibly put me in the film. Which he did, the second day I helped on set. He added me as a waitress in one of the scenes and even wrote a couple lines for me on the spot.

Yesterday, my friend Rachel sent me a post from someone looking for local actors for student films. An opportunity I have been looking for on my own, to gain both PA and acting experience, with not much luck. Had I not been talking about this to her nonstop, she wouldn’t have known to send the opportunities she found my way.

I have gotten several roles in local things simply because other people knew I was interested in acting and asked me to be part of it or recommended me to their friends. I would have missed out on all of them if I had continued to keep my goals and dreams to myself.

So, three things:

  1. Don’t be ashamed of your dreams or afraid to ask for the things you really want. Being honest with yourself and others will help you move forward so much faster.
  2. Ignore anyone who may make fun of or laugh at you. They’re probably jealous that they don’t have the guts that you do.
  3. Never feel silly about your dreams. Your dreams were given to you for a reason.


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