How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve found journaling to be an incredibly helpful tool to help with life’s toughest problems. Up until last year, it was just me writing out my feelings whenever I needed to. But in the past year I have upped my journaling game.

I began studying the Law of Attraction early last year. I don’t necessarily believe in all the things associated with the Law of Attraction, but the people I listened to did have some solid advice about achieving your goals. Advice that I keep hearing over and over again, from some of the most successful people in the world. They recommend things like visualization, saying affirmations, writing lists of things you are thankful for, and focusing on positive thinking. So, I turned to journaling to help with those things. I think they made a huge impact on my budding acting and film career.

Here is what I put in my journals:

  1. Lists of compliments I receive. This helps whenever I start feeling down or self-conscious. It’s nice to go back and reread all the nice things people have said to me (and, for me, help make me actually believe the affirmations I write for myself).
  2. Lists of affirmations. I take any negative thought I’m having (i.e. “I suck at acting”) and turn it into a positive (“I am always improving as an actor”). I do this any time I am feeling less-than-confident (when I need to drive through a big city, when I am preparing for a gig, when I have to socialize, lol). I cannot stress enough how much these have helped me. I don’t think I would have gotten through my last two shows without them. Believing in myself and telling myself I could do those roles really gave me the confidence I needed to pull them off.
  3. Lists of things I am thankful for. This really puts into perspective just how blessed I really am and that my life does not suck as hard as I once felt it did. It puts me in a much more positive state of mind.
  4. Lists of my daily accomplishments. This can be as small as sweeping the kitchen or as big as getting that film gig. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing much, because I’m still in the same apartment and job as I have been for years. Those lists remind me that I am not a lazy person. 🙂
  5. Lists of fears I’ve overcome. Since fear has been the biggest thing holding me back, I wanted to document how I’ve been working to overcome that. It helps when I’m facing a new fear to look back and see how far I have come.
  6. Drawings of the things I want to accomplish. I do have a vision board I made last year. My journal is a mini version of that. I draw anything that comes to mind that I want to do. The following, for example, has already come true:

I drew this early last year. Later in the year, I auditioned for “Evil Dead the Musical” and was cast as Annie. For my big solo, I was given a mic, just like in this drawing (which is unusual in a musical). I was also dressed in a skirt. I couldn’t believe just how similar my drawing was to my actual performance.

All of these things help me to focus on the positive and on my goals. I don’t think I would have accomplished near as many things as I did without them. I have been hearing over and over just how much these things have helped some big names succeed: Tony Robbins, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Brendan Burchard, Oprah Winfrey. It seems like every time I listen to a motivational speech given by a celebrity they attribute their success to the Law of Attraction (even if they call it something else, the ideas are the same). And just from the small amount of time I’ve been journaling like that I have seen more success than I ever did before.

I also recommend watching some of these guys on YouTube. They are incredibly motivating.

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