Affirmations for Feeling Confident as an Actor

Affirmations for Feeling Confident as an Actor

The following affirmations are what I’ve been using for my community theatre roles. I write or recite them any time I start feeling nervous or unsure about my acting ability. You can also read them when you wake up or right before you go to bed:

  1. I am always improving as an actor.
  2. I am a great actor.
  3. I make great acting choices.
  4. I focus on my own character and do not compare myself to the other actors.
  5. Everything I need to succeed in this role I already have within me.
  6. I am exactly where I need to be in my acting journey.
  7. I was chosen for this role for a reason. The director saw something in me that they thought would be perfect for this role.
  8. I am worthy of being on stage/on film.
  9. I am talented.

I change the affirmations based on whatever negative thoughts I may be having before a rehearsal or practice session. You can use the above as a guide to get you started until you feel comfortable writing your own.

Check out my video of affirmations for actors here.


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